Alex: have a chip on your shoulder that always shows up whenever we talk about the law, which is why I didn't want to get involved in the first place.
Rosalie: You really respect me as a lawyer?
Alex: I wouldn't have married you if I didn't.

Alex Williams and Rosalie Williams, Whale Hunt

Rosalie Williams is a lawyer and the wife of Alex Williams.


"After I had my babies, I left my law firm and I wanted to raise them, but they are older now and it's time to get back in the game."
―Rosalie Williams to Samantha Wheeler[src]

Rosalie was a law student at Harvard Law School, where she met Alex Williams. The pair worked on a pro bono together while dating, although they suffered a difference of opinion, causing Rosalie to believe that Alex did not respect her as a lawyer, prompting her to break up with him. However, the two soon reconciled and got married. Becoming pregnant, Rosalie chose to step down from her law firm and focus on raising her two daughters, Joy and Debbie.

As Joy and Debbie were in their teens, Rosalie chose to return to her legal career. Representing the students of Logan Tech, a school that had defrauded their students by promising false futures to secure tuition payments, Rosalie had lunch with Alex and Samantha Wheeler, asking Samantha to join the case as co-counsel so that they could operate out of Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams. They soon received an offer of $15,000 per plaintiff as the school claimed to be on the verge of bankruptcy; while Rosalie believed them and wished to accept their offer, Samantha refused, believing they were lying and demanded $50,000 per plantiff.

Samantha chose to go to Alex, who had a feeling as well as she did that Logan Tech would fabricate their books to make it seem like they were poor, prompting Alex attempted to convince Rosalie of the same. Rosalie was incensed as she believed Alex was undermining her ability to practice law, although Alex convinced her that he respected her but that he believed Logan Tech was lying. Rosalie chose to explain to Alex why she chose to accept the $15,000 settlement, as it guaranteed money for the students and that the difference between 0 and 15,000 was much more significant than between 15,000 and 50,000. Alex agreed with her logic and relayed Rosalie's logic to Samantha, who agreed to support her and accept Logan Tech's offer.[1]

Sometime later, she brings Chinese food home for dinner, with Samantha joining them. However, dinner becomes uncomfortable when Rosalie mentions that Alex's car has a bumper damage, which they realize Joy was responsible for and had hidden from them under the desire that they wouldn't realize it was her doing.[2]

A week later, Alex comes home and tels Rosalie that he intentionally ate dinner at the office in order to come home late as he wanted to have a conversation with her after their daughters had gone to sleep. Alex comes clean about his involvement covering up Masterson's crime, stating that he was framed and covered it up to protect his family. Rosalie asks why Alex is telling her the truth now and back then, to which Alex replies that it is because he is being threatened by a former colleague, Craig Cameron, and that he didn't tell her before because she would have made him come forward, which would have affected their family and wouldn't bring back the two dead men. Rosalie is angered, as she and Alex had discussed the mistreatment of people of color and helping them during their time at Harvard Law School, only for Alex to help Masterson extend prisoner sentences. Alex claims that it killed him to do so, and Rosalie excuses herself to process what she had just been told.

The following day, Samantha walks into her office to find Rosalie there waiting for her, wanting to go after Craig for coming after her husband by finding dirt on him, and asks her for her help, which she agrees to do. However, Rosalie finds out Samantha handled the matter heself and returns to Samantha's office the next night to ask why. Samantha responds that after Rosalie accepted her to her home for dinner, she saw what it was to have a family and realized she wanted to protect them. Rosalie praises Samantha, as does Alex, who walks into the office. Alex invites her to their home for family game night, and when Samantha replies that he should do that with his family, Alex states that Samantha is his family as Rosalie smiles.[3]



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