Harvey: We are offering you partial ownership in his company.
Jessica: A company that is trying to save lives.

Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson, "Dirty Little Secrets"

Sainz Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company created by Quentin Sainz.


"We were $139 million into development before we ever hit the shelves. We jumped through every hoop they threw at us, and we proved our drug was safe for eight years."
"So you're saying these claims are baseless?"
"We're talking about six terminal patients with a wide array of medical issues and they're saying my company's drug caused this?"
Quentin Sainz and Harvey Specter[src]

Quentin Sainz formed Sainz Pharmaceuticals during his tenure as a pharmaceutical researcher. After developing ALS, Sainz created the Amylinx drug, although he and the company fell into scandal once the drug was proven to cause liver failure in its users. It was later discovered that this side effect was hidden by Sainz's girlfriend and Sainz Pharmaceutical contractor Lisa Parker in order to gain FDA approval. In order to cease the lawsuit against them, Sainz gave controlling shares in Sainz Pharmaceutical to Amylinx users who had gained liver damage as a result.[1]


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