"Bring it on, Ross. I bleed crimson."
— Seth Keller to Mike Ross

Seth Keller was an associate at Pearson Hardman and one of Mike Ross' rivals during his early days at the firm. At some point, however, he left Pearson Hardman.


Seth first appears in "Dirty Little Secrets", where he competes against Mike Ross in Louis Litt's Harvard trivia tournament. The two are tied at the end, although Mike manages to cinch a victory, gaining a pro bono case as a reward while Seth receives a pen for coming in second place.[1]

In "Tricks of the Trade", he, along with Harold Gunderson, belittle Mike for losing custody of Gabby Stone.[2]

Seth made his final appearance in "The Shelf Life", where he used Mike's computer to access security feed footage of Louis being kneed in the groin by his girlfriend, as he did not wish to view the footage on his own computer.[3]


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