"This case was 50/50. All you did was make it 80/20."
"Ninety-nine to one."
"It could be a million to one, for all I care. We're in the ring, I'm still standing, and this isn't done.

Cameron Dennis and Harvey Specter

Shadow of a Doubt is the fifth episode of the third season of Suits and the 33rd overall. It first aired on August 13, 2013.


Lines between the personal and the professional get blurred when Harvey and Stephen work together on Ava's case, and Mike invites Rachel to join him on a case that gets complicated when his secret falls in the line of fire -- with Rachel's parents.


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Major/Highlighted Events

  • Harvey Specter teams up with Stephen Huntley to work on getting Ava Hessington out of her murder charges. When Stephen goes behind Harvey's back and targets Tony Gianopolous' daughter, Harvey goes to Jessica Pearson for help. The pair formulate a strategy where Ava trades her ownership shares in exchange for voting shares; in turn, Gianopolous owns Hessington Oil while Ava resumes her title as CEO.
    • Harvey also has Gianopolous sign a sworn statement regarding himself, Cameron Dennis and the video of the tape, thus getting the tape inadmissible as evidence as it violates chain of command.
  • Donna Paulsen tells Harvey that she is sleeping with Stephen.
  • Nigel Nesbitt is temporarily relocated to the firm's Hong Kong office, and leaves Louis Litt in charge of his cat, Mikado.
Harvey's Promotion (Pearson Darby Specter)

Pearson Darby no more.


  • Goddamn Counter: 2


Harvey: What's your idea?
Stephen: Well, it requires you to take me with you to see Mr. Gianopolous.
Harvey: Mike?
Mike: Yeah.
Harvey: You're off the case.
Mike: What? You're gonna let him get away with that?
Harvey: I have to. I just took a bet. There's no going back on a bet.
Mike: Okay, what if I bet him that my idea's better? Then can I come?
Harvey: You gonna pony up $10,000?
Mike: ...Best of luck, guys. Hope it works out.


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