"Just delivered CM's settlement offer to Smith. Or Devane. I can't remember, I can't tell those guys apart."
"It's not their case."
"No, but it is their firm, and I don't trust you.

Harvey Specter and Travis Tanner

Smith & Devane is a New York City law firm.


"Smith & Devane's trying to get rid of a judge to overturn a past ruling. Mike and I are trying to figure out which case is big enough to be worth the risk."
"Glazer Bank v. Risa Ventures."
"You didn't even look at the rest of the list."
"Oh, I didn't need to. Smith & Devane represent Pomaville Industries. They've been wanting to merge with Condor for two years. You overturn that precedent–"
"Every dickhead on Wall Street would be swinging from the chandeliers."
Harvey Specter and Louis Litt[src]

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