"It tastes like ass. That's my problem."
"So you want me to fire your winemaker?"
"No, I want you to go after the son of a bitch who didn't deliver the barrels that I paid for. Because I had to let my wine stay in these vats, and it turned into that vinegar you're now holding. [...] And meanwhile, all my neighbors got their barrels just fine. Which makes me think there's more going on here than it looks like.

Robert Zane and Alex Williams

Sour Grapes is the seventh episode of the eighth season of Suits and the 115th overall. It first aired on August 29, 2018.


Donna's agreement forces Harvey to help David Fox. Alex comes to Zane's aid on a personal venture.


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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Amy Acker as Esther Litt
  • David Alpay as David Fox
  • Kevin Daniels as John Billows
  • Grant Nickalls as Miles Newton
  • Sugith Varughese as Judge Howard
  • Jarrod MacLean as Opposing Counsel

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Sheila Sazs informs Louis Litt that she is pregnant; however, the couple face relationship hurdles when Louis wishes to raise their future child as Jewish, whereas Sheila, a Catholic, wishes to have their child raised with no religion.
    • Louis is reluctant to compromise, citing that Judaism is in his blood and is an integral part of his culture more than a religion, and turns to his sister Esther for advice, who informs him that their parents would sever ties with him if his child isn't raised Jewish. Sheila also reveals that her family is at odds with her already after she stopped practicing Catholicism and that they would have trouble accepting a Jewish grandchild.
      • However, after Esther reassures Sheila that she loves her and considers her family regardless of the child's religious upbringing, something Sheila's family would never do, Sheila decides that their child should be raised with blended identities (both Judaism and Catholicism) which Louis agrees to, adding that they could start celebrating Christmas this year with a tree.
  • Sheila proposes to Louis and he accepts, and the pair become engaged again.
  • Sheila notifies Louis that she has received her period and therefore is not pregnant, stating that her test was a false positive.
  • David Fox cashes in his deal with Donna Paulsen where he receives free legal services by Harvey Specter. While Harvey is very adamant against working for David, attempting to drop him as a client, he later realizes that David is not a terrible person but that he intentionally puts up a demeanor of being mean and ruthless so that he is not taken advantage of. Discovering that David wishes to buy a building not from profit but so that his childhood mentor can retain his home, Harvey aids him, informing David that he has earned his respect.
  • Alex Williams is assigned to head to Robert Zane's vineyard in upstate New York to represent him for a racial discrimination case. Robert claims that the reason all of his neighbors received their barrels and he didn't is because he is black and they are white, and that his lack of barrels ruined his entire year's harvest. However, it is revealed that the reason his barrels were intentionally withheld was not due to his color but because he bought out the vineyard from a family who was there, and therefore is seen as a "Wall Street" outsider to the other owners, who have owned and operated the vineyards in their families for generations. Robert decides to drop the lawsuit and arrange a community tasting room for the entire community to share for free.

Cultural References



  • Harvey walks across a Winners on his way into the firm's building. Winners is a Canadian department store chain that does not exist in New York City or anywhere else in the United States.
  • Robert tells Alex that he worked on a case with Rachel "last year" which reminded him of his sister. However, the events of "Shame" and "Donna" occurred only a few months ago in-universe.


Robert: I'm a big, bad motherfucker, and I'm here to drink your goddamn milkshake.
Harvey: You're in your position because I put you there.
Donna: No, Harvey, I'm in my position because I fucking earned it!
David: Goddamn it. You could have done better.
Harvey: And you could've told me the full fucking story before I only had two days to stop it.
Sheila: I got my period. I'm not pregnant.


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