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"Harvey, it's time to take my name off the wall."
"Not like this, not after all we've been through."
"I'm good with this, and it's not my firm anymore. It's yours.

Jessica Pearson and Harvey Specter

Specter Litt was a major law firm headquartered in New York, formed after Harvey Specter dissolved Pearson Specter Litt in order to remove Jessica Pearson's name and buy out her partnership in an attempt to avoid paying out the other senior partners who resigned. The firm's existence was brief, however, as the actions of the other partners forced Louis Litt and Mike Ross to convince Robert Zane to join them, creating Zane Specter Litt in the process.


"So basically if my dad doesn't come around by tomorrow, Specter Litt could cease to exist."
Rachel Zane[src]

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