Dr. Stan Lipschitz is Louis Litt's therapist. He was mentioned in the episode "Know When to Fold 'Em", when Louis had phone therapy with the doctor, and again in the episode "Pound of Flesh", just before Louis was about to go on stage. However, he made his first physical appearance in "The Statue".


In a Suits Recruits video, Louis stated that Lipschitz's motto is: "If you set your goals, your dreams will come true".

Dr. Lipschitz is of a Jewish descent. His parents left the country during the World War II, came back afterwards and raised him and his sister.[1]

Season 9

Following Louis' demotion as managing partner, he has a dream and heads to Lipschitz's office to discuss the dream. In his dream, he is both lawyer and judge and has Faye Richardson put on trial. The dream versions of Alex Williams, Samantha Wheeler and Donna Paulsen are all enamored with him, with Dream Alex claiming if he wasn't married, he would be with Louis. The jury consists of twelve Harvey's, who deliver a verdict that Faye is guilty, prompting Judge Louis to sentence her to death and for bailiff Gretchen to escort her out. However, Lipschitz reminds him that in Louis' dream, he was surrounded by his friends from work, whereas if he were to take the judgeship position in reality, he would not be surrounded with them anymore. Louis admits that he did not think of that, adding that his friends are everything to him and that he doesn't want them to go anywhere.[2]



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