Mike: Jessica came by my place this morning.
Rachel: She knows about us.
Mike: She does.
Rachel: Okay.
Mike: She says that you're Robert Zane's daughter, and if you wanna stay at the firm, you need to sign an affidavit.
Rachel: Saying what?
Mike: That you know I'm a fraud.
Rachel: Well, what if I don't sign it?
Mike: Then she'll fire me.

Mike Ross and Rachel Zane

Stay is the tenth episode of the third season of Suits and the 38th overall. It first aired on September 17, 2013.


An old nemesis returns; Harvey and Scottie are on opposing sides again; Louis ends up in Sheila's crosshairs; Mike and Rachel are under Jessica's scrutiny.


Ava's attorney for her malpractice suit is Travis Tanner, whose strategy is to get Harvey to settle by attacking Scottie both personally and professionally. He gets Stephen to sign an affidavit claiming that she was complicit in the murders, but Donna is able to neutralize this. She visits Stephen in prison with Mike, then asks Mike to leave the room and gets Stephen to admit that he lied, unaware that he was being recorded. Later Harvey interrupts Ava's deposition to speak with her directly, apologizing for his failings but insisting that everything he did was part of a zealous defense of her interests. She agrees to withdraw the suit. Harvey tells Scottie that he wants not only to work with her, but to have her in his life.

Jessica learns of Mike and Rachel's relationship, and is concerned about Robert learning the firm's business, and tells Mike she will fire him unless he gets Rachel to sign an affidavit saying that she knew of Mike's fraud. Rachel visits Jessica and signs it, but asks her in return to waive the "Harvard rule" in her case so that she could apply for an associate's position there on her graduation. After initially threatening to break up with her if she goes to Stanford, Mike is again supportive of Rachel, and she decides to go to Columbia in spite of her rational analysis in favor of Stanford.

Louis again gets romantically involved with Sheila Sazs while attempting to lure a top Harvard Law candidate for an open associate position, and he later declares he wants to be "exclusive" with Sheila. She briefly leaves Louis alone in a room which contains the records of everyone who ever attended Harvard Law School; he is surprised to find no folder for Mike.


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  • Pearson Darby Specter is officially rendered defunct following the merger dissolution, splitting into Darby International and the New York firm, formerly known as Pearson Hardman, now being named Pearson Specter.
  • Ava Hessington hires Travis Tanner as she is suing Pearson Darby Specter. Despite the dissolution, she lists Harvey and Jessica by name in her lawsuit as well, which becomes complicated when Stephen Huntley implicates Dana Scott in order to free himself. After Mike and Donna manage to counter Stephen's false testimony, Harvey apologizes to Ava for mishandling his case, although he states that he did everything in his power to help her and that she should redirect her anger towards Edward Darby. Ava then forgives him and fires Tanner, and the lawsuit against them is dropped.
  • Jessica discovers that Mike and Rachel are a couple and forces Rachel to sign an affidavit that claims she knows about Mike's fraud; if she refuses to sign it, Jessica would fire Mike. Rachel then makes a consideration deal with Jessica, where she signs the affidavit in exchange for Jessica waiving the Harvard rule for her.
  • Mike and Rachel undergo relationship troubles as Mike does not want her to go to Stanford, preferring that she go to Columbia University instead. Rachel decides to stay in New York and attend Columbia so that she can continue being with Mike.
  • Harvey offers Scottie a job at Pearson Specter, informing her that he needs her in his life.
  • Louis realizes that Sheila Sazs wants them to be a couple, which leads him to the Harvard archive room where the pair can make love. When Sheila steps out for a minute, Louis goes through the files to see Harvey and Mike's record, although he is stunned when he is unable to find Mike's file.

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  • A New York City bus features an advertisement for the video game L.A. Noire on the side. L.A. Noire and its promotional materials were released in 2011, while this episode was set and released in 2013. The shot was most likely one of many New York City footage filmed back in 2011, intended to be used for transitioning scenes.


Mike: Who am I putting in the cross hairs, Tanner or Ava?
Harvey: At the moment, no one. Tanner's gonna depose me, then we'll see what we see.
Harvey: Come on, Harvey. You've gotta give me one of them.
Harvey: You've gotta be kidding me. You've got girlfriend troubles, don't you?
Mike: Okay, I'm just asking for an assignment. That's all.
Harvey: Don't tell me; quarterback asked her to the prom?
Mike: Okay. First of all, I specifically haven't bothered you with any of this.
Harvey: Until now.
Mike: I was just asking for an assignment. Captain Pinstripe's the one who brought up the girlfriend. And second of all, people actually had girlfriends after high school. Which you wouldn't know, because, emotionally, you never graduated.
Harvey: Well, I guess you're the expert. Because the only thing you've graduated from is high school.
Mike: ...Why you gotta go there, man?
Sheila: I'm Sheila Amanda Sazs, and if I say you don't deserve him, you don't get to have him.
Louis: I don't care who you are. If I want him, I can have him. And I'm gonna take him six ways from Sunday, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.
Sheila: Yes, there is. Because when I'm done talking to him, there is no way on earth he'll end up at Pearson Darby Specter or whatever bullshit name you guys are calling yourselves this week.
Tanner: [to Scottie] Did you really think that you could domesticate him? House in Westchester? Harvey flipping burgers on the weekends? What kind of fantasy land were you living in?


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