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Suits Recruits is an interactive social web game and a series of 8 webisodes released with the game and later on the official Youtube page of USA Network's Suits. The game began on June 11, 2012, and each episode was released once a week for five weeks until July 23. Some of the webisodes are actually scenes cut from the show. src

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It's your interview to be conducted by Donna Paulsen, and she will help you choose whether you want to be assistant or paralegal. At the same time, you will also have to answer a couple of questions, just to give them a taste of what you're capable of.

Episode 1

Harvey's newest client is Wally Digman, the CEO of Wendigo, an app gaming company that is poised for a huge IPO. There’s just one problem. Wally is being sued by a former intern for unpaid work. Will you be able to help secure a victory for Harvey?

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5


The Can Opener

Mike sees Harold opening a can of tuna. He asks Harold where he got the can opener, Harold admits to taking it from Donna's desk. When Mike informs him it's Harvey's can opener, Harold freaks out.


Jessica catches Rachel practicing court arguments to a room of empty chairs. Jessica makes a few jokes, which Rachel fails to get, leaving Rachel flustered.

This webisode has also been called "Practice Makes Perfect".

Quote for Quote

Harvey and Mike hold an entire conversation over a case file using quotes from various movies.

The Match

Donna helps Louis search online for a new cat.

This webisode has also been called "Research".

Firing Norma

Louis uses Harold to practice his conversation to fire Norma. Unfortunately for Louis, Harold, acting as Norma, gets the upper hand.

El Mensaje

Donna finds Rachel to translate a voicemail from a guy she met last night. Rachel translates that the man proposed to her and after a bit of back and forth, Rachel realizes that Donna's playing a game.

Getting Litt

Louis uses his digital recorder to record his goals. His ninth goal is to come up with a catchphrase. After some brainstorming, he settles on "Litt up!"

The Spot

Donna argues with a printer, trying to fix a paper jam. While getting the paper out, she gets an ink stain on her hand. Donna does a dramatic Shakespeare monologue over "the spot" until Louis walks in. They then continue through a Shakespeare scene. Afterward, Louis goes for a kiss, but Donna rejects him. However, she does agree to meet him later to do another Shakespeare scene.


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