"...but the one thing I do know is that no one is going to believe I traded you for Susan Carter because she's a better lawyer."
"That bad?"

Katrina Bennett and Brian Altman

Susan Carter is an attorney and an associate at Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett. Susan temporarily became Katrina Bennett's associate following Brian Altman's dismissal from the position and eventual resignation from Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams.


"I said a senior partner and a married associate were working closely together, working nights together, until suddenly he up and left with no explanation, no job lined up. [...] Well, unless you want Faye Richardson to suddenly be made aware of the situation, you'll make me your associate by the end of the week."
―Susan Carter to Katrina Bennett[src]
Susan Carter is an attorney who began working as an associate at Zane Specter Litt. After Brian Altman and Katrina Bennett began to have issues working together, which eventually led to Brian resigning from Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams, Susan offered her legal services to be Katrina's associate, although Katrina found her to be a really bad lawyer.[1]

After Faye Richardson was appointed Special Master of the firm and renamed it Specter Litt Wheeler Williams, Susan was in the associates' bullpen was Louis Litt informed them about Faye, telling them to welcome her and give her a wide berth. Susan asked to clarify if Louis wanted them to welcome her by avoiding her, which he affirmed, although Susan attempts to probe further into it were shut down by Louis. As Louis claimed he hired a reluctant Faye himself, Susan witnessed as Faye, who had walked in sometime earlier, set the record straight on how she had in truth been appointed by the Bar to oversee the firm due to its unethical reputation and poor management.[2]

The next day, Katrina is in her office attempting to handle a case for VersaLife when Susan offers her assistance. Katrina initially refuses, but relents when Susan catches an error that could have cost them the case. Katrina allows Susan to work alongside her, praising Susan's research skills. Susan asks Katrina how to have a professional working relationship with someone you have feelings for, revealing that she is attracted to a paralegal; Katrina refuses to discuss herself and Brian, and responds that she should simply not work with the man she's interested in. Susan then suggests asking opposing counsel, a family friend, to settle the case, although Katrina shuts her idea down, claiming that Susan had taken the case to show off her family connections in an attempt to impress her. Susan attempts to convince Katrina otherwise, though Katrina replies that as an associate, she should know when to drop it.

The following day, Katrina is on the phone in her office when Susan walks in. Katrina berates Susan for calling her family friend to try to get them to settle, stating it makes it seem as if the other side had them beat and admonishes Susan for disobeying a direct order. Katrina then tries to have Susan removed as a candidate to be her associate, although Susan responds that Brian, a married man who worked long nights alone with Katrina, suddenly resigning from the firm while retaining one client, believing that he and Katrina were involved in an affair. Susan then blackmails Katrina, notifying her that she would report the indiscretion to Faye if Katrina did not make promote her to her personal associate by the end of the week. Katrina asks Samantha for advice on what to do when pressed, adding that someone is blackmailing her, and Samantha replies that if she gives them an inch, they would take a mile.

Katrina walks to the associates' bullpen and asks Susan to come with her to see her new office, claiming that her associate would have to have one. However, Katrina walks into Faye's office and informs Faye that Susan made a mistake in a case but admitted responsibility for her, earning Faye's respect. Afterwards, Susan goes to Katrina's office to ask how she knew she wouldn't tell Faye about her and Brian, and Katrina responds that she did not know. Susan then asks why Katrina didn't report her blackmail attempt to Faye, to which Katrina replies that Susan had done so because she was ambitious, adding that she was the same way when she joined the firm but that ambition couldn't be everything.[3]



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