"To me, architecture isn't just about design. It's... it's about connecting with my clients on an intimate level."
— Tara Messer to Louis Litt

Tara Messer is an architect and interior designer at Messer Hagen + Walsh and the ex-fiancée of Louis Litt. In "Character and Fitness", she decides that Louis is not the kind of man she wants to spend the rest of her life with and breaks up with him, leaving him devastated.


Tara first appears when Louis hires her as an architect to renovate the firm. However, Jessica tells Louis to drop the project and fire Tara. Louis however, is falling in love with Tara, and decides to hire her as an architect to hire a house in the Hamptons which he does not even own.

Their relationship progresses, however Tara finds out that she is pregnant, and the baby is not Louis´s. Louis does not mind, since he has always wanted to raise a child of his own.

When Louis decides to open up to Tara about his past, he reveals that he strong-armed Jessica by threatening to go to the US Attorney´s office with Mike´s secret to get his name on the door. Tara is upset with him about it, but is more disappointed with how he treated her after the argument.

Tara then leaves Louis a voice message in which she tells him that she has decided to break up with him.



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