Harvey: I know we had an arrangement, but I came here to change it. [...] I win, you don't fire me. You back me for Managing Partner.
Darby: You want to take down Jessica?
Harvey: Yes. I do.

Harvey Specter and Edward Darby

The Arrangement is the first episode of the third season of Suits and the 29th overall. It first aired on July 16, 2013.


Jessica's new partnership is tested; Harvey must prove a high-profile client's innocence; Mike tries to manage the fallout from his revelation.


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Major/Highlighted Events

Pearson Hardman no more

  • The firm is officially renamed Pearson Darby.
    • According to the merger negotiations, the firm was to be called Darby Pearson, as Edward Darby has 51% control while Jessica Pearson has 49%. However, Darby decided to let Jessica's name be first merely as a gesture.
  • Nigel Nesbitt is appointed quartermaster of Pearson Darby, and bans uniball pens and raisin bran bars, knowing how much Louis loves them. Louis then has himself appointed as quartermaster, but in his haste, misses the by-laws which state that one cannot be in charge of the both the animate and inanimate. Nigel then usurps Louis as head of the associates.
  • Rachel promises not to expose Mike, although she tries telling him to quit. Mike then realizes that Rachel is hostile because she does not know much about him rather than his fraud, prompting him to go to Rachel's apartment and declare that he will explain everything about his life and that it will either lead to them breaking up or having sex in Rachel's bed, an agreement which Rachel agrees to; Mike and Rachel then begin a sexual relationship, with Rachel accepting Mike for who he is.

Mike's new office

  • Jessica moves Mike from his cubicle in the associates' bullpen to his very own office, although he returns it at the end since he believes doing so may open an opportunity for Harvey to forgive him.
  • Harvey is tasked with handling a bribery charge that involves prison sentencing for Ava Hessington, the daughter of Darby's lover. Harvey initially asks to get fired in exchange for winning, but after Cameron Dennis is appointed special prosecutor, he is reminded that he does not run from fights and instead asks that he be named managing partner upon his victory, therefore ousting Jessica.

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  • Goddamn Counter: 5
  • Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams are co-producers as of this episode.
  • Benjamin reveals that he has been tracking Mike's computer usage for the past seven months, as he remembers Mike having bested him and "bamboozling" a laptop out of him. However, this does not mean that that event took place seven months ago, as it would not match up with the timeline presented thus far; it merely denotes that Mike has been tracked for seven months.
  • Harvey represents Deron Williams in this episode, set and released in 2013, working to have the Brooklyn Nets pay triple in order to avoid losing him to the Dallas Mavericks. In 2015, Deron Williams would leave Brooklyn and join the Mavericks.


Mike: I need to talk to you.
Jessica: You want to talk about how things played out. But the place to do that is somewhere more private. [presents him with his own office] You didn't just come through on the merger. You bluffed Hardman, turned Monica Eton and put us over the top on Folsom Foods. That's a lot of coming through in the clutch. And I wouldn't have saved your ass if I didn't think you deserved to be here.
Mike: I don't know what to say.
Jessica: Well, the usual response is "Thank you".
Mike: The usual road to getting here doesn't involve stabbing someone in the back.
Jessica: Doesn't it? When I was 16, I came home, my mother sat me down, and said my parents were separating. Trial basis. But the good news was, she was going to get me a car to help with my sister. All my friends talked about how lucky I was to have it. I hated that car. Every time I got in it, I... Well, it just reminded me.
Mike: Why are you telling me this?
Jessica: Because five years later, that same car got me to Harvard, which led me here. So, you can think of this office as a reminder of what you did to Harvey, or as a symbol of what you can accomplish at the firm. Now. Do you still have something to say?
Mike: No. No, I don't. [pause] They ever get back together?
Jessica: No. No, they didn't.


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