The Fixer is the tenth and final episode of the first season of Pearson and the tenth and final overall. It first aired on September 18, 2019.


Jessica is split between her personal and professional life. Keri comes to a decision about her future.


Keri wants Jessica's help with Nick. Jessica is split between her personal and professional life as Angela continues her protest. Derrick wants more after the kiss he shared with Yoli. Bobby continues to try cling on to his authority — he delivers a speech on the Icarus project and leaves Pat out in the open. Jessica offers Angela the Alderman seat. Keri accepts a new job offer. Jessica returns home to find out that the FBI is monitoring them. Derrick has a blow-out argument with Bobby about the temporary housing promise. Stephanie serves Bobby divorce papers, but leaves him with a choice to make. Jessica meets Bobby while the FBI go to Keri’s apartment.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Myndy Crist as McDermott Partner
  • Jim O'Heir as Chuck Hargrove
  • Danni Gadigan as City Clerk
  • Javier Lezama as Oscar
  • Kannon Hicks as Bobby Novak, Jr. (credited as Bobby 'Junior' Novak)
  • Rula Gardenier as FBI Superintendent
  • Robert Riechel as City Driver
  • Sam Manual as Cabbie
  • Rachel Pugliese as Keri's Secretary
  • James Wiggins as Demonstrator
  • Ethan Flower as Danny Yoffe
  • Zack Daly as Policeman
  • Pia Shah as FBI Agent

Major/Highlighted Events

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Cultural References


  • Goddamn Counter:


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