Harvey: You're afraid you'd fall for me.
Donna: Oh, please. If anybody's falling for anybody, it would be you for me.
Harvey: Sounds like a challenge.
Donna: One you are never going to get to take.
Harvey: Why not?
Donna: Because I don't get involved with men that I work with.

Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen

The Other Time is the sixth episode of the third season of Suits and the 34th overall. It first aired on August 20, 2013.


Cameron continues to use dodgy tactics on Ava's case; Rachel visits law schools; Mike, Harvey, and Donna reflect on the past.


Donna and Louis share an elevator while he mentions his previous night with his cat, Mikado. Quickly noticing, Donna points out the 'Specter' in the newly added 'Pearson Darby Specter'. Looking surprised, she enters Harvey's office, indirectly pointing out that he should've made her aware of his latest accomplishments. However, Harvey argues back stating, she isn't focused, due to her current circumstances regarding Stephen Huntley.

Ten Years Ago Flashback (3x06)

Flashback to the past.

In a flashback taking place ten years prior, at the District Attorney's office, Donna notices the several spots Harvey had missed shaving, however she swiftly realizes this was due to his poker game the previous night. As they continue to 'play footsie' Cameron Dennis ensures he focuses on his work. Now, it takes us to Mike and Trevor's story. As Mike enters their apartment, Trevor shows him a letter from Harvard, explaining of his successful transfer application from Harvard.

Meanwhile, in the present day, Mike points out that Cameron has another witness, heavily protected by U.S. Marshals. Harvey realizes Cameron's case is becoming solid and will stop at nothing. Meanwhile, in the middle of packing for her visit to Law schools, Rachel and Mike engage in an argument.

Flashing back to the past, Trevor and Mike attend a party, where they decide to win some money by playing poker. At the DA office, Harvey and Cameron celebrate after their latest win (due to Harvey's successful idea). Afterwards, Harvey begins to flirt with Donna, however Bertha interrupts with a piece of evidence, which may have screwed them over. Mike continues to play, however one of the players lures him by making him go 'all in'. Running out of money, Trevor offers to lend him $500, unaware this becomes a trap and they lose their money when one of the other players cheat. Lacking the support to call the police (due to both of them drinking) and unable to fight them off, they decide to leave.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • James McCaffrey as Gordon Specter
  • Adam Rose as Omar
  • Quancetia Hamilton as Big Bertha
  • Michael Hanrahan as Dean Lopata
  • Jacob Blair as Joe
  • Emma Pedersen as Lisa
  • Neil Girvan as Police Officer

Major/Highlighted Events


Assistant District Attorney Harvey Specter (3x06)

A.D.A. Harvey Specter

  • While working as the Assistant District Attorney, Harvey Specter becomes better acquainted with his secretary, Donna Paulsen. Although he deduces that she is interested in him and makes his interest in her clear, she notifies him that she does not get involved with the men she works with.
  • Harvey is informed by Cameron Dennis that he is to be promoted to head litigator soon, a position he considers rather than honor his deal with Jessica Pearson, which involved him working at the D.A.'s office and then returning to the firm as a senior associate.
  • Harvey realizes that Cameron buried a toxicology report in order to keep two murderers behind bars. Harvey speaks with his father Gordon who tells Harvey a story about his ex-wife (Harvey's mother) and her infidelity, and bluntly states that Cameron would do it again. After being shown proof by Donna that Cameron has buried evidence many times, Harvey turns down the position of head litigator, turns in the toxicology report, therefore freeing the murderers, and resigns from his position as the Assistant District Attorney.
    • Harvey pays a visit to the law offices of Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke, speaking to Jessica about their deal. Jessica informs him that she and Daniel Hardman are planning a coup in the night. After Harvey resigns from the D.A.'s office, he returns to the law firm and discovers that it has been renamed as Pearson Hardman. Harvey is officially hired as a senior associate, and convinces Jessica to hire Donna as his executive assistant; Jessica remarks that her salary would come out of Harvey's, a condition Harvey accepts as long as Donna is never made aware of it.
  • After leaving the D.A.'s office, Harvey finds out that Donna has resigned as well. Since they are no longer working together, Harvey goes to Donna's apartment and they have sex. The next day, Harvey tells Donna that he would like for her to work for him at Pearson Hardman, and she accepts, although she states that they are never again to discuss their night together.
  • Mike Ross and Trevor Evans are roommates at college, where Trevor has begun to sell weed for cash. Trevor notifies Mike that he has successfully been accepted into Harvard Law School. The pair go out to celebrate, where they join a poker game. After being conned out of $500 after financing Mike's bet, Trevor declares that he needs a thousand dollars to pay Omar for the weed. He then convinces Mike to recreate a test he just took so that they can sell it. However, the test was sold to the dean's daughter and Mike confesses, believing that due to his grades, he would not get punished and his confession would get Trevor off the hook. The dean reveals that the board is demanding his resignation and as his last official act, he expels Mike from the school and blacklists him from going to Harvard Law School.

Present Day

Pearson Darby Specter

The firm is renamed.

  • Pearson Darby is officially renamed as Pearson Darby Specter, following Harvey Specter's promotion to name partner.
  • Mike Ross notifies Harvey that Cameron Dennis has a new witness in Colonel Mariga, the very colonel who was bribed in the incriminating video.
    • Mike realizes later that Cameron did not have Mariga, but Cameron informs Mike that he didn't before, but now he does as Stephen Huntley led him to Mariga.
  • Harvey tells Donna Paulsen that her relationship with Stephen bothers him.
  • Harvey meets with Jessica Pearson on the rooftop of the firm and fills her in on his deal with Edward Darby, although he adds that he doesn't want to be managing partner anymore. Disgusted at Harvey's coup, Jessica dismisses him from her sight.

Cultural References


  • Harvey decides to use the Nite Owl murders as a reference, and Cameron informs him that he cannot use L.A. Confidential as inspiration. Harvey then retorts that it is no different than Cameron shooting a dead guy because Sean Connery did it in The Untouchables. Cameron and Harvey then quote Connery's dialogue from the film.
  • Donna refers to Harvey as James Bond.
  • Trevor refers to Mike as "Mr. Rounders" when he tries to convince Mike to play poker to win money. In the 1998 film Rounders, Matt Damon plays a gifted poker player who lost everything he had in a high-stakes game. This makes him quit playing poker to focus on his law studies and part-time job until his childhood friend, played by Edward Norton, gets him to start rounding again (going from place to place to win high-stakes poker games).
  • Mike refers to a poker player as Limp Bizkit.
  • Trevor mentions The Wire.
  • Omar quotes Pulp Fiction, replacing the world "nigga" with "negro", prompting Mike to respond that if he is going to quote Pulp Fiction, he should do it correctly. Omar and Mike then quote the "quarter pounder with cheese' dialogue, while Mike and Trevor quote the movie as well.
  • Harvey's father refers to Harvey as Reggie Jackson.
  • Edith mentions that she watches Law & Order.
  • Donna refers to Louis as Rain Man.

Present Day


  • Goddamn Counter: 6
  • Harvey's mother is revealed to named Lily, and his brother is revealed to named Marcus.
  • With the present day situated sometime in early-mid 2013, the flashbacks would be taking place in 2003.
  • It is revealed that Harvey and Donna were indeed sexually involved in the past, albeit very briefly.


  • Mike and Trevor are said to be underage when it comes to drinking alcohol in a flashback scene. Seeing as Mike is revealed to be born in 1981 in "Blind-Sided", he would have turned 21 in 2002. While this may seemingly mean that the present day is actually 2012, the timeline presented thus far from season one to present establishes that that this episode, at the very earliest, is taking place in January 2013. Therefore, Mike and Trevor would have been legally allowed to consume alcoholic beverages by then.


Harvey: So, you going to come out and say it?
Donna: Say what?
Harvey: All those observations. You're into me.
Donna: I'm not into you. I'm Donna.
Harvey: What's that supposed to mean?
Donna: It means I could do the same thing with Bertha that I did with you.
Harvey: All that means is that you're into Bertha, too.
Donna: Hm. What if I am?
Harvey: We can have a threesome.
Donna: Trust me. If you were ever lucky enough to have me, you wouldn't want to share.
Mike: I thought you had three ounces.
Trevor: I sold it. Daddy's got to eat.
Mike: Wait a minute, you're dealing now?
Trevor: Friends and family, asshole.
Mike: What are you, AT&T?
Trevor: What are you, the FCC?
Mike: You don't even know what that is.
Trevor: Yes, I do.
Mike: Really? Tell me what they do, I'll give you $500.
Trevor: ...You're a dick.
Gordon: You know, I'm going to tell you something I never told you before. You might not want to hear it now, but... You know what your grandmother said to me when I told her I was going to ask your mother to marry me?
Harvey: What?
Gordon: Don't. Because if she'll cheat on someone else with you, she'll cheat on you with someone else. We had a huge blowout. I told her to shove it up her ass. Lily wouldn't do that. She'd be different with me, because Lily loved me.
Harvey: Dad–
Gordon: No, no. Let me finish. Ten years later, I found out that the other guy thought the same thing. What I'm trying to say is, even if Cameron believes that he'll never make you do it again, he will.
Jessica: Daniel Hardman and I are taking Gordon, Schmidt, and Van Dyke down.
Harvey: That's why we're up here.
Jessica: Did you think we were going to make out?
Harvey: A man can hope.
Harvey: Are you sure you want to take control in the night?
Jessica: Night time's when they're sleeping.
Harvey: Telling them you're coming shows them respect.
Jessica: Not telling them shows them more.
Harvey: What about honor?
Jessica: Harvey, we're lawyers. We're not in the honor business.


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