"When we were paralegals, we were smarter than half the associates. Why should I be denied my chance because I can't pass some stupid test? I'm living my dream, Rach. I'm not gonna apologize for it to anyone."
— Theresa to Rachel Zane

Theresa is a former paralegal at Pearson Hardman who hired Mike Ross to take the LSATs for her.


"There's this guy. I heard about him from a friend of a friend's. Paid him 1,000 bucks and he took the LSATs for me. He got me a 172."
―Theresa to Rachel Zane[src]

Theresa was a former paralegal at Pearson Hardman with Rachel Zane. Together, the pair believed they were smarter than half of the other associates, but were unable to get into law school as the two struggled to pass the LSATs. Theresa soon found out about Mike Ross' services, and took the LSATs under Mike's name while Mike took it under her name, passing for her, garnering her a score high enough to gain admission to Harvard Law School.

After two years at Harvard, Theresa applied for a summer associate intern position at Pearson Hardman, where she nearly ran into Mike again. Following a meal with Rachel, she confessed to her friend about Mike's services, prompting Rachel to attempt cheating as well.[1]


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