"Louis, it was my idea. And you should take it."
"Would you take it? No way on Earth. You know why? Because this is Rome, you're a gladiator, and so am I.

Harvey Specter and Louis Litt

This Is Rome is the tenth episode of the fourth season of Suits and the 54th overall. It first aired on August 20, 2014.


Harvey and Jessica take measures to protect the firm; Louis tries to get his affairs in order.


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  • Katrina Bennett is fired from Pearson Specter for leaking confidential information regarding VersaLife to Louis Litt, who poached the client in order to get hired by Robert Zane at Rand, Kaldor & Zane.
    • Mike Ross and Harvey Specter pay a visit to Walter Gillis, where Mike apologizes for losing Gillis his company and convinces him to buy VersaLife's trial drug division, therefore allowing Pearson Specter to retain both VersaLife and Pfizer as clients.
  • After Mike asks questions about Louis' key, which he received from Harvard Law School for graduating summa cum laude and receiving the Order of the Coif distinction, Louis' suspicions about Mike are reignited, since according to Mike's transcript, he graduated magna cum laude and was in the Order as well, and therefore would recognize the prodigious key. Louis then does a background check on Mike and discovers that Mike lived in New York in the years he supposedly attended Harvard, and confronts Donna Paulsen and Jessica Pearson about it. Jessica realizes that Louis is attempting to leverage Mike's secret to gain something in return, and asks him what he wants. Louis responds that he wants the same thing he asked for before – for him to become a name partner, rebranding the firm as Pearson Specter Litt.

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  • In this episode, Louis states that he graduated summa cum laude. However, in the season 3 episode "Buried Secrets". he admitted that he was unable to graduate summa cum laude and instead graduated magna cum laude.
  • Louis discovers Mike's secret because Mike does not recognize the key despite Mike's supposedly being a member of the Order of the Coif. The Order of the Coif is an honor society for United States law school graduates; a student at an American law school who earns a Juris Doctor degree and graduates in the top 10 percent of his or her class is eligible for membership if the student's law school has a chapter of the Order. However, Harvard Law School is one of five top fifty law schools that has never had an Order of the Coif chapter, and therefore do not hand out such keys.


Mike: Oh, I'm just trying to figure out at what point in the last week you decided to become a pussy.
Harvey: Oh, so, doing something nice for someone makes you a pussy.
Mike: I didn't say that exactly.
Harvey: Yes, you did. Let's go through some of the nice things you've done for people.
Mike: You know what, Harvey? Guilty as charged. I am nice. And if that makes me a pussy, then so be it.
Harvey: Then, it's settled. You're a nice pussy.
Louis: See, the highest academic honor at Harvard Law is the Order of the Coif. You don't get a trophy. You get three things. You get a parchment to hang on your wall, a medal to wear at graduation, and this. Now, this key doesn't say "Order of the Coif." It doesn't say anything. It's just a symbol.
Donna: What does that have to do with Harvey?
Louis: It doesn't. It has to do with Mike.
Donna: You know what, Louis? It's been a long day–
Louis: It's about to get longer. See, Mike asked me about this. And I thought he was... I thought he was trying to get my mind off of my problems. But then, he did it again. And it got me to thinking. Mike graduated magna cum laude. He's in Order of the Coif. But he didn't recognize this.
Donna: So, he forgot a stupid key.
Louis: Mike Ross doesn't forget anything. You see, the reason he didn't recognize this was because he never got one. Because he didn't go to Harvard.
Donna: Louis, we've been down this road before. Mike is in the Harvard database.
Louis: But he's not in the yearbook. And, according to his credit report, his address during his law school years was in New York. He even paid rent the first of the month in person.
Donna: Well, I'm sure there's a–
Louis: Sit down! Last year, you told me not to tell Sheila about Mike's file. You acted like you cared about me. You didn't give a shit about me. You cared about you and Harvey–
Donna: No.
Louis: And Mike, and Jessica.
Donna: No. Louis, that's not true.
Louis: Well, let's call Sheila right now. I know all of the numbers by heart. I mean, she may not be interested in me anymore, but she will definitely be interested in a fraud claiming that he went to Harvard.
Louis: I know you're a stickler for the rules, so I figured I'd just come by to return my ID.
Jessica: You want an explanation.
Louis: I wanna see you perp walked through the bullpen with your pretty little jacket draped over your handcuffs. But until then, yeah, I'll take an explanation.
Jessica: When I found out the truth about Mike Ross, it had already been done.
Louis: By Harvey. Right after he made senior partner over me? That's when he hired the fraud? That's the correct timeline, right?
Jessica: Yes.
Louis: So, instead of turning him in, you cover it up.
Jessica: Louis–
Louis: And the one time that I do something, you don't cover it up at all. You throw me to the wolves.
Jessica: I saved you from the wolves.
Louis: Then I ask you for the smallest gesture, just to allow my career to continue with dignity, and you couldn't muster the tiniest shred of compassion.
Jessica: What do you want me to say?
Louis: I want you to tell me you're a liar! And a hypocrite! And I want you to say you're sorry.
Jessica: I am a liar. And I am a hypocrite. But I will not say I'm sorry. Because I did what I did to protect this firm.
Louis: Well, it looks like the captain's about to go down with her ship.
Jessica: Bullshit. You want something.
Louis: Oh, I told you. I want to see you in–
Jessica: In handcuffs? If that were true, the police would be here instead of you. No. You wanted to see me squirm before asking me for what you really want. I'm not gonna give you the satisfaction. So, you might as well spit it out.
Louis: You asked me what I wanted once before and I told you. And then you told me that I couldn't have it. But now I can. Pearson... Specter... Litt.


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