"You see, I looked into you. You say you're a self-made man. Your ex-wife had a different story when she told me why she left you. She said you had a chip on your shoulder because everything you ever got came from daddy. Now, you may not think this is true anymore. You said yourself, you're not an expert, but you hire them to advise you, run your companies, and fight your battles."
Harvey Specter to Thomas Walsh

Thomas "Tommy" Walsh is the businessman who almost successfully won Keith Hoyt's company.


"I don't know anything about any of the companies that I've turned around, but I don't have to. Because I hire experts to advise me on operating them."
―Thomas Walsh[src]

Thomas Walsh is the son of a wealthy father, and inherited his wealth. However, Walsh became irritated whenever implications were made that his success arose from his father, claiming to be a self-made man. This tension caused his wife to divorce him. Despite not being knowledgeable in various careers, Walsh used his wealth to purchase other companies and hire experts who would tell him how to run it.

In "All In", Walsh attended a poker game at a casino in Atlantic City, where he offered $3,000,000 to Keith Hoyt; if Hoyt won, Hoyt would return the $3 million with an additional $500,000, whereas if Hoyt lost, Walsh would own Hoyt's company, valued at $30 million. When Hoyt lost, he enlisted the aid of his attorney, Harvey Specter, in order to reacquire it. Harvey offered to pay the $3.5 million Walsh would have gained had Hoyt won, although Walsh refused.

Unable to defeat Walsh in court, Harvey used Hoyt to file complaints against his own company, thereby causing the company to lose its financial value, much to Walsh's horror. Harvey then proposed to solve their issues with a game of poker; if Harvey won, Walsh would relinquish the company back to Hoyt and forego the $3.5 million he had been offered earlier, whereas if Walsh won, Hoyt and Harvey would refrain from filing public allegations against the company in order to drive its price down. Talking to Walsh's ex-wife, Harvey ascertained Walsh's issues and used them against him, beating Walsh and winning the game.[1]


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