"For God's sakes, one day someone startled him, he practically attacked the man."
"And if that's true, why didn't you bring this up when you let him go?"
"Because I like Lucas, so we said it was because of that contract to give him a soft landing. But the truth is, we were gonna fire him no matter what.

— Tom Daly and Samantha Wheeler

Tom Daly is a businessman and the former employer of Lucas Hodge who made his sole appearance in "Special Master".


"Mr. Daly, how many of your employees are veterans?"
"I'm proud to say anywhere from 30% to 40% at any given time."
"So it's safe to say you're familiar with the struggles many veterans face. [...] You had his office furniture rearranged so his back wouldn't face the door, Tom. And the only reason you would do something like that is if you suspected the truth."
Samantha Wheeler and Tom Daly[src]
Tom Daly is the CEO of a company that employed many veterans, including Lucas Hodge. After Lucas assaulted employees after being startled and missed workdays without calling in advance, Daly suspected that Lucas suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and had the furniture rearranged in Lucas' office so that he could face the door. However, after Lucas caused an employee to be severely injured and continued to miss work, the firm decided to fire him. Since he liked Lucas, Daly notified him that the reason he was being let go was due to the company's failure to successfully acquire a contract with the Department of Defense.

Daly was soon visited by Samantha Wheeler, whom Lucas had enlisted to file a nepotism and wrongful termination suit after he discovered that he was the only one let go in his department while Daly's son-in-law was not. Daly informed Samantha of Lucas' actions and told her that he had lied about Lucas being let go to cushion the blow of being fired. The next day, Daly was deposed by Samantha, who wanted him to admit on the record that he knew or at least suspected that Lucas suffered from PTSD. Turning off the camera, Daly tells Samantha off the record that he did suspect, but that if he were to admit in on camera, it would lead to Lucas receiving an official diagnosis on his record, which Lucas did not want, and instead offered a sealed settlement of $25,000.[1]



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