"I emigrated here after September 11th, and they shut the doors on everybody. I couldn't pay for a lawyer, so I had to take them to court. I sued for my citizenship, so I have a very special appreciation for the law."
"I appreciate a good single malt. I don't pretend I can make one."
"I wiped the floor with the U.S. government, counselor. I'm gonna do the same with you.

— Tony Santana and Harvey Specter

Tony Santana is a New York City cab driver who filed a lawsuit against Ray Benghazi and Harvey Specter.


"The hallmark of America is that the little guy gets to see justice done. We are all equals in the eyes of the law. That is why, out of all the countries in the world, I chose to come here."
―Tony Santana[src]

Tony Santana is an immigrant who relocated to the United States of America sometime after September 11, 2001. Due to the nation's strict immigration laws following 9/11, Santana represented himself in court in order to sue for his citizenship, as he was unable to afford a lawyer. After winning the case and becoming a citizen, he became a New York City taxi driver in order to support himself.

In 2011, Santana attempted to purchase a Taxi medallion at auction. Running late, he ran through a red light, colliding with Ray Benghazi's car in the process. Realizing that attorney Harvey Specter was his employer, Santana sued the two of them, portraying himself as the working-class man being bullied by the wealthy. However, Harvey was able to prove in a court of law that Santana was at fault. Harvey struck a deal with Santana, where Santana's insurance company would financially compensate the damages incurred to Ray's car.[1]


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