"I'm telling you, I'm not the guy I used to be, but if you hit me, I'm not turning the other cheek. You're gonna get hit back."
— Travis Tanner to Harvey Specter

Travis Tanner is a senior partner with Smith & Devane. An attorney who graduated from Yale at the top of his class, he was initially a senior partner at Clyde-MacPhee, although he was fired after signing a $400 million settlement agreement in a lawsuit against Pearson Hardman.

He was later recruited by Daniel Hardman and Ava Hessington to go up against Harvey Specter, although he lost both times. Sometime after that, he decided to turn his life around and become a more honest attorney who did not operate unethically, taking cases that aided people.


"He was the youngest senior partner at Clyde-MacPhee. This guy's record is off the charts."
"He specializes in breaking class action lawsuits. Harris Tobacco, Bell Pesticide, GravTech Securities, he broke them all."
"How come I've never heard of him?"
"Evidently, he doesn't like to take public credit. Stays off the radar. He avoids the press."
Mike Ross and Harvey Specter[src]

Travis Tanner was originally a senior partner of Clyde-MacPhee in Boston. Tanner first challenges Harvey Specter in a case on a petroleum firm and loses. He is said to be an exceptional tennis player, a similarity with Louis Litt.[1]

Travis later returns in "Discovery", opening up a case that Harvey closed four years before. On top of it, he also sues Harvey and Pearson Hardman for fraud for burying evidence, with his main settlement terms being Harvey's disbarment.

Knowing that a trial puts Harvey's career at risk, Mike Ross digs up dirt on Tanner, looking for anything illegal on any of his cases. When Daniel Hardman sees what Mike was doing, he offers to help and apparently finds one. Daniel then uses it to blackmail Tanner into backing down on his request for Harvey's disbarment, but aggravates the terms for the firm's partners by making them pay more for damages.

It is later revealed that Hardman had actually indirectly hired Tanner to execute the CM fraud case for him by giving Tanner the fake CM document that led him to re-opening the case and accusing Harvey and the firm of fraud, and that Tanner settled because Hardman pointed out to him that the document was a fraud. Harvey later taunts him into a boxing match and gets him to tell him about it.

Tanner later returns to represent Ava Hessington in "Stay", and faced off against Harvey and Mike once more in "Toe to Toe", although by this time he abandoned his unethical persona and became a more honest, trustworthy and caring attorney.[2]



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