"Michael, the longer you go, the less the money matters. The food doesn't taste as good. The car isn't fast enough. The view isn't high enough. And finally you realize that you would trade it all in for one night of going to bed where you don't have to worry, "When are they gonna come for me?""
— Trevor Evans to Mike Ross

Trevor Evans is the childhood friend of Mike Ross and also was Jenny Griffith's boyfriend. Their relationship ended, however, after Trevor informed Jessica Pearson that Mike hadn't attended law school.[1]


"This guy is not your friend, he is an anchor bringing you down. Get rid of him."
Harvey Specter to Mike Ross[src]

Trevor and Mike seem to have been best friends for many years. During a conversation which Mike and Edith, she stated that after his parents died, Trevor parents offered to take him in. Trevor however, was the main reason Mike got kicked out of college, Trevor needed to pay back for weed he bought and so he encouraged Mike to memorize a math test and sell it. Sadly, this just so happened to have been sold to the dean's daughter. As a result, the department demanded the dean to resign, and his last act was expelling Mike and to inform Harvard which ruined his chances of becoming a real lawyer.

Season 2

Trevor discovered that Mike was dating Jenny after she left him. As revenge, he told Jessica that Mike never went to Harvard, he also told Jenny about his kiss with Rachel which caused her to leave Mike as well. When they meet again after this, he states he plans on doing further things to ruin his life, but Mike revealed that he knows Trevor's social security number and he will use it against him if he needs to, which forces him to back down. Trevor is not seen again after this (except during a flashback episode), and him and Mike never see or talk to each to other again.

Trevor's plan was unsuccessful, despite Jessica finding out about Mike's secret, his position at the firm was secured anyway after Harvey threatened to leave if Mike was fired.

Season 3

He appears in the episode "The Other Time" in flashbacks taking place ten years prior.

Season 4

He appeared in flashbacks in the episode "Fork in the Road", where he rents an apartment in the city and offers to pay Mike an entire year's worth of rent in order to pay him back for taking the fall for him in college (Trevor sold a test to the dean's daughter and Mike took the blame, which resulted in Mike's expulsion from school and Trevor being able to graduate). In other words, Mike would be able to live in the apartment for free, while Trevor pays for everything.

Season 5

After realizing that he has no friends or family to attend his wedding, Mike calls Trevor, whom he hasn't spoken to for a few years now and asks Trevor to attend his wedding. They meet up that night at a restaurant, where they both apologize to the way things ended up. Trevor, however, tells Mike he can't attend his wedding, because as much as he wants to, his wife wouldn't allow him to. He adds that his wife didn't even want him to meet Mike, and tells Mike that he promised his wife he would leave his past behind him. Trevor also berates Mike for breaking the law, although he admits he doesn't judge Mike for it (as Trevor was a drug dealer for many years, it would be hypocritical). Trevor, however, advises Mike to quit his job. While Mike scoffs at the idea, Trevor tells him that the money doesn't matter, because one day he'd give anything to trade that all in for a sense of security, without the worry of being caught. Mike assumes Trevor almost got caught, but Trevor tells him that one day, he couldn't take being a criminal anymore, and tells Mike he went to talk to "you know who" (later revealed to be a priest). Trevor then gets up and leaves, leaving Mike at the restaurant.

Most recently, while doing going through Anita Gibbs' discovery, it was discovered that she has found Trevor.



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