Mike: And you thought telling him not to trust anyone in here was the answer to that?
Harvey: Look, I did that to get him to trust me, because if he trusts me, he trusts you.
Jessica: You give him a full-throttle defense, gain his trust, and hope to God Mike cuts his legs out.
Mike: You talk a big goddamn game about trusting you, but what does that trust mean?

Trust is the fifth episode of the sixth season of Suits, and the 81st overall. It first aired on August 10, 2016.


Mike tries to gain Kevin's trust; Harvey enacts a risky plan; Jessica tries to mend the firm's reputation; Rachel hits a roadblock; Louis enlists Donna's help.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Alan Rosenberg as William Sutter
  • Erik Palladino as Kevin Miller
  • Malcolm Gets as Columbia Law Professor Dunbar
  • Ian Reed Kesler as Stu Buzzini
  • Glen Plummer as Leonard Bailey
  • Sean Cullen as
  • Jai Jai Jones as Guard #5
  • Michael Boisvert as Guard #6
  • Deborah Pollitt as Judge Dorsey
  • Tom Black as George
  • Alvina August as Julie

Major/Highlighted Events



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