Harvey: I figured out a way to get Mike out early. [...] He has to inform on his roommate. Mike gets him to turn, he's free.
Harvey: I'm never helping that piece of shit do anything, and this isn't about Gallo and you know it.
Mike: No, it's about you telling me to turn on the one guy in here that I trust based on some plan that Cahill has that we don't even know will work.

Turn is the fourth episode of the sixth season of Suits, and the 80th overall. It first aired on August 3, 2016.


Mike considers a deal that could reduce his sentence; Jessica and Louis take different approaches to deal with tenants; Rachel represents a death row inmate.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Sean Cullen as
  • Erik Palladino as Kevin Miller
  • Malcolm Gets as Columbia Law Professor Dunbar
  • Ian Reed Kesler as Stu Buzzini
  • Glenn Plummer as Leonard Bailey
  • Carly Pope as Tara Messer
  • Natalie Charles as Wendy Boyle
  • Luc Trottier as Trader
  • Daniel Stolfi as Guard #3

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Harvey presents Cahill's deal to Mike, who turns it down out of loyalty to his only friend in prison. In order to change his mind, Harvey and Cahill concoct a plan - to drug Mike, blame it on Gallo, and have him transferred to the infirmary. While the rest of the prison believes him to be confined to the infirmary, the prison doctor, the prison warden, Cahill and Harvey have Mike released out of prison for six hours, with the condition that Harvey brings Mike to Sean's office so Sean can show Mike what Kevin's father-in-law did to have him turn. Harvey, however, betrays Sean and brings Mike to Rachel's apartment, so they could spend some alone time together. Harvey's plan works, and after spending time with Rachel, Mike realizes how much he misses her and decides to take Cahill's offer.
  • After the stock traders perform a urine test in Louis' "You Just Got Litt Up!" cups, Louis decides to ask Donna for help kicking them out. Donna offers an alternative - hiring an architect to split the space up. Louis, who has always wanted to renovate the firm, hires the architect, Tara Messer, as soon as she enters the firm. However, Jessica tells Louis that he is not allowed to hire her to renovate the firm, and so he's forced to let her go. However, as he is falling in love with her, Louis decides to pay her out of his pocket for the work she had done so far and hires her to renovate his summer home in the Hamptons.



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