"He was the youngest senior partner at Clyde-MacPhee. This guy's record is off the charts."
"He specializes in breaking class action lawsuits.

Mike Ross and Harvey Specter

Undefeated is the ninth episode of the first season of Suits and the ninth overall. It first aired on August 18, 2011.


Harvey must decide if he can break his ethical code in order to defeat Travis Tanner, a shady lawyer. Meanwhile, Rachel is accused of treason against Pearson Hardman, and is defended by Mike.


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  • Jessica Pearson is spearheading a lawsuit defending Kenny Verdasco and several other plaintiffs against oil giant Emerco Petroleum, who failed to cap on oil well that was converted into Apple Creek High School, with 200 of the faculty and students developing cancer and a handful of them who have passed away as a result. Knowing that their current legal team was failing, Emerco hired Travis Tanner, the youngest senior partner and one of the best attorneys at Boston's Clyde-MacPhee firm, who sabotages the hearing and gives the lawyer the ammunition needed to stave off Pearson Hardman's victory. After bluffing his way past Mike Ross and Donna Paulsen, Tanner enters Harvey Specter's office and mentions how he wishes to face off against Harvey, whom he deems as the firm's best attorney. Harvey attempts to tell Tanner that Jessica is the best, but when Tanner brings up the fact that Harvey injured his shoulder during his senior year state championships, thus causing Harvey to sit out from the final game, Harvey accepts his offer, telling Tanner he would be pleased to kick his ass. Harvey then has Jessica hand over the reins of the case over to him.
    • Mike discovers that Tanner has a high record specializing in breaking class-action lawsuits, and both Mike and Harvey realize that Tanner isn't afraid to play dirty, hiring another man to intimidate Kenny into taking the low-ball settlement offer, despite it falling under criminal intimidation. Harvey's private investigator Vanessa taps Emerco's phones and records a conversation between Tanner and Emerco executives about their involvement in the harassment, and Harvey admits to Tanner that even though the recording is not legally admissible in court without a warrant, he would perjure himself if it meant throwing Tanner in prison. He then convinces Tanner to sign an agreement that presents each plaintiff with $2 million rather than their suggested $250,000 payout. After Tanner signs the agreement, albeit begrudgingly, Harvey tells Tanner to fly back to Boston and to never return to his city again.
  • Jessica and Louis Litt call an emergency meeting with all the associates after it becomes evident that one of them leaked a confidential witness list to rival law firm Wakefield-Cady. Louis offers a $10,000 incentive to the person who turns the culprit in, which Mike receives after the briefs he delivered contained the condemning evidence. The leaked fax sheet points to Rachel Zane, who is immediately suspended pending her official firing.
    • In an effort to clear her name, Mike goes to Donna, who redirects him to the IT floor, where he meets Benjamin, the head of the IT Department. Mike learns from Benjamin that "Louis Litt" came to him the week before and asked for Rachel's employee code, which puzzles Mike as Donna tells him that Louis would never betray the firm. However, after hearing Benjamin refer to fellow associate Jimmy Kirkwood as "Louis", Mike realizes that Jimmy leaked the list and framed Rachel. Jimmy explains that he did it because he had huge law school debts and that Wakefield-Cady offered him junior partnership, which they reneged after he sent the fax, and that he didn't personally target Rachel; he used a random employee code that just happened to be hers. Mike tells Jimmy that either Jimmy would have to confess or he would turn Jimmy in, but that the former would be better for Jimmy's career than the latter; Jimmy then turns himself in.
    • Louis calls Rachel back to the firm later that night when everyone has left, offering her her job back. Rachel demands a 10% raise, a verbal agreement that guarantees that Pearson Hardman pays for her college tuition and that Louis apologize to her, which Louis agrees to. As she walks to her office, she is surprised to see Mike sitting there. She then tells Mike to cancel whatever plans he had for tonight and to help her move everything back into her office, which he agrees to do.

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