"So you decided not to go back to London?"
"Well, we have some unfinished business to discuss, and I thought it best to do it in person.

Harvey Specter and Ava Hessington

Unfinished Business is the third episode of the third season of Suits and the 31st overall. It first aired on July 30, 2013.


Cameron has Harvey's client arrested for murder; Katrina tries to win over Louis; a British version of Harvey arrives at the firm.


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  • Since Ava Hessington plead guilty to bribing a foreign official, Cameron Dennis uses that conviction to charge her for the murder of the diplomats who protested her pipeline and ended up being murdered by the bribed official.
    • Ava wishes to bribe the witnesses, and Mike Ross devises a legal way to do that – by having the witnesses sue Ava Hessington for "emotional distress", Pearson Darby, on behalf of Hessington Oil, would be able to negotiate a settlement with the witnesses, therefore paying them off legally. Mike cashes in his favor with Harold Gunderson, who works at Bratton Gould, and has him represent the witnesses and the settlement transaction becomes successful.
  • Edward Darby's number two, Stephen Huntley, flies in from London to help Harvey Specter on his case, as Darby notified him about their deal. He also becomes romantically interested in Donna Paulsen.
  • Katrina Bennett humiliates Mike by creating a viral video and sending it to every computer in the firm. Harvey scolds her, and she explains that she did it because Harvey hired her as his associate, yet never gave her any work to do or even interacted with her as soon as he hired her, explaining that she was left out to dry. Harvey explains that his hiring of her was due to their deal but that he is not obligated to make her his personal associate, and informs her that she will always be a senior associate at the firm, without the possibility of career advancement, and that if she ever came after Mike again, she would be fired.
    • Louis Litt refuses to work with Katrina after she refuses his offer to be his personal associate, but later chooses her to be his associate on the Hessington Oil takeover case.

Cultural References


  • Goddamn Counter: 1
  • Rachel and Donna reuse their "Harriet Specter" and "Michelle Ross" bit from "Meet the New Boss".
  • Rachel's middle name is revealed to be Elizabeth.


  • Mike is referred to as a first-year, despite the fact that he has been an associate at the firm around two years now, making him a third-year associate.


Harvey: I have to say, I'm flattered.
Ava: I don't want you to be flattered. I want you to say yes.
Harvey: As much success as I've had with that line myself, I'm afraid I'm not an oil man.
Ava: The oil business is about oil as much as you being a lawyer is about the law. Every day is a knife fight in a prison yard. And something tells me you like a good knife fight.
Harvey: No rules in a knife fight.
Ava: Harvey, I've just lost my number two. I can't think of anyone better to replace him.
Harvey: Ava...
Ava: I'm a woman who gets what I want. And I am willing to pay for it.
Harvey: Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to whore myself out. I just prefer to have more than one client.
Harvey: If you have a problem defending someone who's accused of murder, I don't want to hear it.
Mike: You won't. Because I'm willing to do whatever it takes to win, whether she's innocent or not.
Harvey: Then come with me.
Mike: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm going to see Ava with you?
Harvey: Yep.
Mike: Yeah, baby! Butch and Sundance are back!
Harvey: Ooh. No go.
Mike: What do What do What do you mean, "no go"?
Harvey: I mean you're not Butch or Sundance.
Mike: Why not?
Harvey: Because Butch was the leader and Sundance was the gunslinger and I'm both.
Mike: Okay. But Sundance couldn't swim, and Butch never shot anyone. So that makes you a loser.
Mike: Better than a fraud.
Mike: I think it's time for some new material.
Harvey: You write Midnight Train to Georgia, you don't just sing it once. And speaking of Butch Cassidy, let's go start a knife fight.


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