"Daniel Hardman will not return to this firm under any circumstance."
Jessica Pearson

Uninvited Guests is the ninth episode of the fifth season of Suits and the 69th overall. It first aired on August 19, 2015.


Rachel and her mom plan for Rachel's dream wedding, but Rachel worries that the event could reveal Mike's secret. In other events, Daniel Hardman and Jack Soloff make their move against Jessica and the partners; Harvey and Mike tangle with Hardman's mysterious backer; and Louis tries to find Jack's weakness.


The voting for Harvey's suspension begins and Harvey starts off by saying that he admits he hit Louis and apologizes. He humbles himself in front of the partners by reducing his compensation to the median amount, with the remainder going to all partners to share. The vote ends 8-8, hence the motion doesn't carry. Daniel Hardman returns to Pearson Specter Litt to bring in a huge amount of business to the firm, but only if Jessica takes him back. If she declines, he will begin takeovers of PSL clients. Jack Soloff brings it up in a partners meeting, but Harvey and Jessica shoot him down. Hardman tells Jessica that the client he was willing to share was going to make numerous acquisitions, but now that she's said no, he will begin targeting PSL's clients, starting with one "that's gonna hit you right where it hurts."

Meanwhile, Rachel and her mother meet at the Plaza Hotel, and Mom tells her about her grandiose wedding plans, and her plan to put the wedding announcement in the New York Times. This leads Rachel to fear that Mike may get too much attention and get caught, and she shocks her mother by saying she wants a small, private wedding. Mike figures out who Hardman's first target will be: McKernan Motors. Mike and Harvey attempt to make McKernan Motors private, protecting it from a hostile takeover. Louis tries to convince Jack to get out of bed with Hardman, telling him what kind of a person Hardman is. Jack says he knows who Hardman is but is siding with him anyway, leading Louis to surmise Hardman has something on Jack. Louis suggests to Jessica that they make Soloff a name partner, which is what Hardman had promised him, but Jessica instead asks Louis to find out what Hardman may have on Jack.

Mike and Harvey go to Tony Gianopoulos and Jonathan Sidwell and pit them against each other to take McKernan Motors private. This results in them getting a 20 percent better offer for McKernan than Hardman's client, and Mike and Harvey go to Hardman's office to cheerfully tell him his plot has failed. But Hardman later comes to Jessica to tell her that his offer is now 20 percent more than the private offer Mike and Harvey negotiated, saying he has a Japanese investor and the Dollar took a dive against the Yen.

Louis is frustrated since he cannot find any dirt or a single case where Soloff crossed the line, and he takes it out on Donna. Jessica tells Harvey about Hardman's Japanese client. Harvey informs the dollar dropped against the yen two weeks ago, which makes them realize that Hardman was playing them. They now know there is only one person who would offer such a ridiculous sum to steal a PSL client: Charles Forstman. Harvey visits Forstman in prison, and Charles says his only profit comes from seeing Harvey's life destroyed. He wants Harvey to quit now, or he will see PSL's clients picked off by Hardman, one by one.

Rachel's mother talks to Mike, fooling him by saying Rachel would be there, too. The conversation leaves Mike wondering whether forcing Rachel to sacrifice so much for him is worth it. Jessica asks Jack what Hardman has on him, but Jack refuses to tell her. She then asks him to resign immediately, which he won't do. Mike calls Trevor, since he is the only "family" he has left, and wants him to attend his wedding. Trevor, who appears to have turned his life around, refuses to attend, saying he promised his wife that he would leave his previous life behind. Trevor says Mike is breaking the law every day, and should quit as a lawyer. Trevor reveals Mike's secret is still safe, but that he did go see someone about it. Mike asks who, and Trevor replies, "You know who."


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Major/Highlighted Events

  • Jack Soloff introduces a proposal to bring Daniel Hardman back to the firm, which Harvey Specter, Louis Litt, Mike Ross and Jessica Pearson attempt to stop.
    • Harvey realizes that Hardman's financial backer is Charles Forstman, who offers to stop supporting Hardman under the condition that Harvey resigns.
  • Mike is informed by Laura and Rachel Zane that he is preventing her from having her dream wedding, which affects him as Claire Bowden had informed him in the previous episode that he shouldn't marry Rachel if he truly loved her.
    • Mike reunites with Trevor Evans, whom he invites to his wedding. However, Trevor is now married and on a legitimate path, and informs Mike that he would not attend the wedding so long as Mike continued to break the law, urging Mike to quit; additionally, Trevor notifies Mike that he spoke to a mutual acquaintance about his life.

Cultural References


  • Goddamn Counter: 8
  • Donna informs Louis that Harvey and Mike had used marijuana and were stoned the night they found out about Daniel Hardman and CM. ("High Noon")
  • Louis and Jack mention the Monica Eton sexual harassment claim filed by Hardman. ("He's Back")


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