Pixel Berry Choices- (*** favourite LI among all)

OH (♀), Ethan Ramsey***

RCD, Thomas Hunt***

BB, Adrian Raines*** 

TE (♀), Beckett Harrington***

PM (♀), Damien Nazario**

HSS (♂), Michael Harrison**

AME (♀), Sinclair the Handsome Stranger*

WT, Jaime Lewis*

NB (♀), Cal Lowell*

HFTH, Nick Peralta*

VOS (♀), Flynn O'Malley (Stay in Birchport)*

ES (♀), Jake MaKenzie (Stop Rourke and stay on La Huerta)*

TFS, James Ashton 

TC&TF, Raydan Lykel & Rose Blake

MW, none

ROE, Dean the Bartender

LH, Mark Collins

THoBM, Victor

TRR, King "Liam"

Hero (♀), Grayson Prescott

HSS CA (♀), Rory Silva

ILITW (♂), Connor Green (Self-sacrifice for Redfield)

ILB, Parker Shaw

D&D, Ernest Sinclaire

ATV (♀), Sol (The Jura and Vanguard to ensure peace)

BSC (♀), Sawyer Oakley 

ACOR, Cassius Longinus (Stay in Rome)

TH:M (♀), Fabien Ahmad

ROR, Colt Kaneko

PTR (♀), Elliot Langdon

Sunkissed, Samson

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