"Harvey, I don't sleep around. And I could never be in a relationship with you. All you ever think about is yourself."
— Vanessa to Harvey Specter

Vanessa is Harvey Specter's personal investigator whom he occasionally goes to for information.


"Don't call me that."
"Why not?"
"Because she had a thing for him. This is the other way around."
Harvey Specter and Vanessa[src]

Vanessa is first seen by in "Pilot", where she is hired by Harvey Specter to dig up dirt on John Dockery. Harvey attempts to proposition Vanessa, who replies that she doesn't sleep around and that she could never be in a relationship with Harvey as he is too selfish.[1]

She makes her second and final appearance in "Undefeated", hired to investigate Travis Tanner on Harvey's request. She is unable to find anything on the surface, citing that Tanner covers his tracks well. Knowing that Harvey needs a victory, she illegally wiretaps Emerco phones and obtains audio proof of Tanner being guilty of criminal intimidation, and presents the wiretap to Harvey. As Harvey states that the audio would be inadmissible in court, Vanessa suggests he lie about its origins. Harvey refuses to perjure himself, although he realizes that Tanner does not know this, and uses it as a bluff in order to force Tanner to settle the case for $400 million.[2]

Over five years later, Louis Litt set up a meeting with Vanessa in order to hire her to find dirt on Xander Epstein, although the meeting was prematurely cancelled by Gretchen Bodinski.[3]


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