Mike: It's Velocity Data Solutions.
Harvey: Did you serve them with notice of the hearing?
Mike: They're a billion dollar company.
Harvey: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Mike Ross and Harvey Specter, Errors and Omissions

Velocity Data Solutions is a billion dollar communications company headed by James Palmer.


"No, this is about Velocity Data Solutions."
"What about them?"
"They're a dirty company."
Mike Ross and Oliver Grady[src]

In "Errors and Omissions", Velocity Data Solutions filed a patent to a mobile satellite phone device within 24 hours of Suntech Digital's Wyatt demonstrating the phone to venture capitalists. The company later offered Wyatt $20 million to retract the claim and allow Velocity to retain the patent rights, although Velocity settled the case for $400 million when Wyatt, represented by Harvey Specter of Pearson Hardman, threatened to release the schematics for the phone online for free.[1]

Five years later, Velocity Data Solutions struck a deal with Craig Seidel in which Seidel would offer them trade secrets in exchange for a job; however, Velocity took the data and reneged on their offer.[2] This prompted Seidel to seek out Harvey, demanding that Harvey sue Velocity in order to severely affect their stock price in exchange for admitting Rachel Zane into the Bar. Since Rachel deserved to be admitted into the Bar on her own merits, Harvey instead offered to sue Velocity on Seidel's behalf under the condition that Seidel, a board member of the New York State Bar, admitted Mike Ross.[3]

Velocity was sued by Mike and Harvey, through the Eastside Legal Clinic and Pearson Specter Litt respectively, and managed to win their lawsuit by exacting a $200 million settlement.[4]


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