"This is your first time? I'm your first? Don't worry, I promise not to be gentle."
— Vivien Tanaka to Mike Ross

Vivien Tanaka, J.D. is an attorney who specializes in real estate. Representing half the high-rises in Manhattan, Tanaka was Mike Ross' first opponent in court.


"Vivien Tanaka?"
"Yeah, what, you know her?
"If your landlord's using Vivien Tanaka, this isn't about bedbugs. Vivien Tanaka represents half the high-rises in Manhattan."
Harvey Specter and Mike Ross[src]

Vivien Tanaka represents half of the condominiums in Manhattan and was hired by Johnny Karinski when he began converting his rent-controlled apartments into condominiums. Tanaka represented Karinski in housing court when Karinski's tenant, Frank Carvello, refused to pay rent due to a bed bug infestation, among other things, besting Mike Ross in the process.

Shortly after, Tanaka was enjoying a drink with Karinski when they were interrupted by Mike and Harvey Specter. Mike proved that Karinski had vandalized and assaulted his apartment and its tenants by introducing bed bugs and withholding amenities in order to drive them out. Tanaka then settled the case, giving Mike his first solo victory.[1]


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