"Someone in this room has betrayed us all, and it makes me sick. And the fact that it went to those holier-than-thou pricks at Wakefield-Cady? You know what? That makes me sicker."
Louis Litt

Wakefield-Cady is a law firm located in New York City.


"We've discovered a breach at the firm. A confidential witness list was leaked to a rival firm. Wakefield-Cady."
Jessica Pearson[src]

In "Undefeated", a lawyer at Wakefield-Cady offers Pearson Hardman associate Jimmy Kirkwood junior partnership if he leaked a confidential employee list. However, after they receive the faxed list, they renege on the offer. Rachel Zane is blamed for the leakage as Jimmy used her employee code to fax the list, and she is suspended pending an official firing. Rachel then goes in for an interview at Wakefield-Cady in order to have a job, although Mike Ross manages to clear her name and she returns to Pearson Hardman.[1]


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