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"Jesus Christ, what have I got myself into?"
"I'll tell you what. You got yourself into Zane Specter Litt."
"Or Specter Zane Litt. Either way..."
"Litt comes last.

Robert Zane and Harvey Specter

Zane Specter Litt (also known as ZSL) was a major law firm headquartered in New York, formed after Robert Zane left Rand, Kaldor & Zane to join Specter Litt. The firm was shortly renamed as Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams following Samantha Wheeler and Alex Williams' promotions to name partner as Louis Litt became managing partner.


"We're all still gonna be here, and win or lose, it's gonna be on you to keep the peace. [...] Because this is still more your firm than his, and everybody knows it."
Donna Paulsen to Harvey Specter[src]

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Known Members

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Senior Partners

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